Prosthodontics -Repair or Replacement of Missing Teeth   

The  technology to repair or replace missing teeth for oral function has been performed by dentists for many years. However,  it is the ongoing research,  advanced technology and  improved products that gives  today's prosthodontic dentists the ability to replace and repair teeth aesthetically.    Dentures, crowns, bridges, partial dentures, i.e., these are just a few of the procedures we can  provide for you.


Dr. Walker 's prosthodontic consultation includes a diagnosis, a complete treatment plan as well as the  implementation of a maintenance plan for  the best possible oral function of your teeth.  And thanks to today's scholars devoted to this technology of science, the repair or replacement of your teeth will not only improve your oral function,  it will enhance the aesthetics of your facial features and smile.


We have confidence in what we do because we have experience and continue to perform these procedures using the newest and most precise products launched. Of course we welcome you to call us anytime to schedule a prosthodontic consultation or  to answer any of your questions or concerns.  We like what we do.  We think you will too!