General Dentistry

You Owe it to Yourself to

Take Good Care of Your Teeth!

Vital to living a healthy lifestyle includes the commitment to take care of one's teeth. Along with brushing and flossing daily,  an annual examine and cleaning by a respected dentist or dental clinician is crucial to one's oral hygiene. 


At Dr. Walker's Family Practice,  we are dedicated to the oral health and hygiene of our patients.  We know that the removal of plague build-up makes a difference in the longevity of one's teeth.  Regular cleanings, digital x-rays, and  diagnostic impressions  allow us to prevent diseases, diagnose diseases and provide appropriate treatment plans when necessary.


Semi-Annual Exams/Cleanings/Relining
Digital X-Rays
Digital Impressions
Bite-Wing X-Rays
Nightguards/Sports Mouthguards
Advanced Digital Imagery
Oral Health Instruction